About Us

We are an Oak barrels manufacturer from Serbia with very long traditions.

We produce hand made high quality oak wine barrels in different styles which are suitable for storing all kinds of wines and alcohols in order to keep the original taste of wines and alcohols. We use only First class oak wood.Oak barrels are made from European oak trees called "sessile oak" (Quercus Petraea and Quercus Pedenculata).

 We also produce all kinds of barrels decorations such as baths, sinks, flasks,casks, casks for pickle…

The barrels can be made of different kind of wood such as oak, acacia, ash, mulberry, cherry, juniper..

We have presence in various vineyards from Australia, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Greece, Macedonia, Izrael, Serbia...

Toast levels-Medium, Hight, Light

Charring possibility for spirits barrels

Product size: from 1 liter to 5.000 liters
Material: High quality oak wood

Customer logos can be high quality printed on the barrels for promotional purpose upon customer request.