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Bag in barrel

We produce oak barrels for bag in box wine in different size from 3 Lt, 5 tL, 10 Lt, 20 Lt
These barrels are very useful for restaurantes, cafes etc. for putting bag in box wine in side and serve from the real oak barrels.
Also these barrels we can make according to your request and your logo can be high quality engraved on the barrels.

Price for bag in barrels starts from:

3 liter bag in box - 42 Euro
5 liter bag in box - 47 Euro
10 liter bag in box - 50 Euro
20 liter bag in box - 72 Euro

Small oak barrels like are perfect for folks who want to try out the different aging processes and aging of different spirits using oak kegs. Medium Charred
Comes complete with a stand, a spigot and a bung.

Small oak barrels from 1 liter to 5 liter are made from carved staves. The staves thickness are 20 mm.

Customer logos can be high quality printed on barrel for promotional purpose upon customer requirements.

-Metals rack for barrels

-Metal taps for oak barrels


barrels rack
rack for the barrel