Cognac Barrrels

We produce Cognac Barrels in different size.

Cognac barrels are made from Oak wood (Quercus Petraea, Quercus Pedenculata).These oak trees are over hundred years old. These must be cut in the staves, afterwards stacked in the open air for about three years (one to three years). This way they lose their bitter flavours.


A cooper hoops the staves around a fire, that is made with wood shavings and oak pieces. The wood must be heated to bend the staves into shape. The amount of toast and the depth of toasting experienced within the stave depends on the heat of the flame, how long it was applied and the moisture content of the stave. While the wood is heated, a wire is placed around the base of the cask – so it can be tightened to bring the staves closer together. Finally they are joined – without any nails or similar techniques.

Our cognac barrels comming in size from 1 liter to 500 liter


Used Cognac barrels



100 _lt_wine_barrel 225_lt_wine_barrel
100 Lt Oak Barrel
225 Lt Oak Barrel
300_lt_wine_barrel 500_lt_wine_barrel
300 lt Oak Barrel
500 Lt Oak Barrel